Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Rise of Leng

So, this week I started writing the second cycle of The Path. Yeah, this whole thing's going to be a three cycle deal. The first cycle is what's going on now: The Cthulhu stuff. This'll be going on for a while yet. The second cycle will be The Path: The Rise of Leng. Whereas the current cycle is revolving around some of the more common Lovecraftian horrors (Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, etc.) and more easily recognized European mythological and folklore references, "The Rise of Leng" will almost ENTIRELY revolve around Lovecraft's "At the Mountain of Madness" and Asian folklore and mythology(which I know little about and have begun researching like a man possessed). As the title suggests, the Plateau of Leng will play a rather large role, as will the creatures, The Old Ones, from "Mountains".

Chance, our current hero, may or may not make it to the second cycle however. I spent last week re-writing the end of the current cycle to lay the groundwork for "The Rise of Leng" and it made me wonder about Chance's survival. I may pull rank and make a decision...or I may leave it up to you, my dear readers. Kind of like when they killed of that annoying Jason Todd Robin.

Anyways, I have some last-minute stuff to do for Wizard World, and tomorrow's page to post, so I'm out of here. Hope to see some of you at Wizard World tomorrow!