Friday, April 11, 2008

Booth Promo Art Colored

Here's the colored version of that booth flyer for NYCC.


Some Promo Art, and a Sneak Peek at Chapter Five!

Well, if you're reading the series, this isn't exactly spoilery. Here's the on-line cover for Chapter Five. I certainly didn't think so many people would be uproaring about the apparently rapidly-approaching death of Kat. Nice to know I can actually make characters people care about.

Here's a piece of promo art that will be given away in print form at New York Coic Con, where The Path is officially debuting in print form! Everyone who buys a copy of the comic will be given this print as a "thank you" for supporting the book!

Here's the line-art for a flyer I did for Bohemian Trash Studios' (the studio that's publishing The Path) booth at NYCC. If you're there, you'd better stop on by. Seriously. Anyone who's been at a Wizard World con with me knows it's good times. Characters featured (other than Chance) are Juno from Juno Blair's Star Crossed Destiny, and Hades from Jojo's Dis: Life is Hell

That's it for right now.

Covers for the print run!

Here's the cover for the 1st issue of The Path! On sale NOW!

Here's the cover for the second issue of The Path, available at New York Comic Con!