Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Comic Book Challenge Update

So, after floundering about whether or not I was going to enter The Path (mostly because of that whole "If you win, Platinum OWNS it" thing), I calculated the odds of me actually WINNING versus the fact that it would just be awesome to enter and have fun with it and threw caution to the win and put together my Path pitch.

I'll send it in tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Path goes to WAR!

Ok, maybe not war, per se, but a battle, all it's own.

I've decided to enter The Path in the 2007 Comic Book Challenge. I was faltering as to whether of not I would...but two very hyper and headstrong ladies convinced me that I should.

My problem is: How the CRAP do I sum up The Path in 2 minutes without looking like a complete nutcase?

The answer: I don't. So maybe I should just incorporate that into my pitch. Also, Pix believes I should mention the fact that I grew my beard JUST for the comic. It might push me over the edge as far as the judges are concerned. Either'll be fun times...assuming I get that far.

To close, here's a The Path sticker design: