Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's off to the printers...

Wizard World Philly Exclusive Cover

Look at that cover. You'd almost think I was a legit comic creator.

They grow up so fast...especially if you're working on them a lot. I just sent the files off to the publisher. Now it's out of my hands and I can stop worrying about if I'll get it done on time. Now I just get to worry that it'll be printed in time. Since that's out of my hands, there's much less stress involved. You might notice two other names on that cover. "Hamilton" is Jeremy Hamilton. He did the colors on the cover and is one cool mofo. "Vasquez" is Samantha Vasquez who, somewhere along the line, sort of became my editor.

The pile of crap to bring to WWPhilly has been growing, too. I have patches, stickers, post cards, loose pins, pin packs, comics, sketchbooks, sketch cards, and prints. I'm kind of counting on the con-exclusive to draw people in so I can try to sell them everything else.

Oh. Here's what the pins look like:

The Path Pins

That's it for now. I'm sitting here at work working on more comic pages. I've got pages queued up through mid-April right now, and I'm still cranking more pages out. I'm not sure what kind of screwed-up stride I've hit here, but I really hope it lasts!


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