Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eaters of the Dead and why Borders thinks I'm strange...

I was talked into this by some readers. I can't imagine that many of you want to read my ramblings, but who am I to ignore a bunch of emails telling me I "NEED" to set something up in the way of a blog?

So, it's about 7 a.m. and I just finished the special "WizardWorld only" Path story entitled "Eaters of the Dead". I like it. I like it so much that I'm annoyed with myself for already announcing it as "WizardWorld only". But, that's life, huh? I'd rather not go back on that announcement until a big "Collected Edition", so...

Anyway, it centers around a younger Chance McGavin back when he was in the military. On a Special Forces mission during Desert Storm, McGavin and a handful of other soldiers get lost in the desert. With limited food and water and enemy forces closing in, it looks like they're done for. That is, until one of the men remembers an old tale he'd heard a long time ago...about the Eaters of the Dead. I'll post some prelim art later on. It was mostly just studies of uniforms and supplies, stuff like that. Maybe I'll slap up the early sketches of the actual Eaters themselves. I dunno.

I'm fairly certain that working on The Path has made me insane in the eyes of the employees of the local Borders, not to mention the little hole-in-the-wall bookstore on the other side of town where I do most of my special ordering. Damn near anything on Arthurian lore, the Goetia, specially ordered books on Demonology, Alchemy, encyclopedias revolving around folklore and fairy tales, illustrated guides to supposedly magical ceremonies, Satanism, mythology, books on Babylonian and Sumerian folklore and rites, multiple copies of books containing the works of Lovecraft as the copies I own are routinely ruined by highlighting and notes in the margins and, finally, a faithful recreation of Lovecraft's blasphenous tome...The Necronomicon, now covered in highlighter ink and notes in the margins. I find that the people who sell me these books give me stranger and stranger looks each time I come in to pick up my books. I'm sure the small black book I carry around like a bible doesn't help. It's where I've done all my brainstorming. Where I've been weaving together this fantastic tale and melding all these different aspects together.

I get frustrated because there are very few people I can talk to and bounce ideas off of. Any time I start to talk about an aspect of The how I want to weave together the journey of Gilgamesh into the Underworld with Lovecraft's story "The Transition of Juan Romero", I get blank stares, patronizing nods, or flat out "Um...what the fuck are you talking about?" One or two of my friends are nice enough to pretend to care about it when I start talking, but I quickly realize that they're just being nice and change the subject to something more pedestrian. Oh, well. I'll probably wind up hitting Barry Linck or the guy who does Errant Apprentice up and talk a little Lovecraft shop with them. I should probably INTRODUCE myself to the Errant guy first before bombarding him with Lovecraft talk, though.

Anyways, I've babbled on long enough. There have been quite a few requests about where I got the idea for The Path...maybe I'll tackle that later.

Catch you hip cats later.

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Tom Andry said...

Just so you know, someone is reading your blog (it is weird to write something on the Internet and not know if anyone is reading it). I found your comic through a banner ad (so those are working too - and was immediately drawn to the art. Once I saw the tagline, "where Lovecraftian horror meets Arthurian legend" I was immediately hooked. I've been re-reading my Lovecraft compilations from Arkham Press recently (well, since Halloween - been taking my time) and remembering why I love his work so much. I wrote a little something that has Lovecraftian overtones for Halloween ( though you may want to note the website. Kinda had to tie in the whole “home theater” thing. Thanks for your hard work.