Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oberon and Nimue

I'm kind of getting into the idea of having a blog JUST for The Path. It gives me a place to "talk" about the comic and get stuff off my chest without my friends giving me blank stares when I start yammering on and on about Lovecraft and mythology and folklore and why certain things are getting intertwined and the like.

So let's jump head-long into the fray, shall we?

1. Oberon:
I know, I know. In "Books of Magic", Oberon is this pretty, tall, blue dude who looks like he could seduce the pants off of any chick who'd ever read Lord of the Rings. But that's not what he was meant to look like. Sure, his face is supposed to be beautiful, or handsome, but he's a dwarf in all appearance. He tends to be a mischief maker and will play his games with those of the Fey as well as humans. This makes hima wildcard...and I do so enjoy wildcards. I'm rather enjoying having a lot of different mythos intermingle in this story, that's why I added the friendship with our next contestant...

2. Nimue:
Now, Nimue is the name most commonly given to The Lady of the Lake. It's the name I grew up with and I'm rather fond of it. Like I said on the new page of The Path over at DrunkDuck...Niniane and Vivianne just don't do it for me. Plus, using the name Vivianne means I'd have to tie in Lancelot and all that claptrap, and that's just not happening. The greatest knight in all of Christiandom will not be making an appearance in The Path. Sorry ladies. Nimue's going to be a triple-aspecter...sort of mirroring The Fates from Chapter One, but with more of a personal stake in what's going on.Her first aspect, The Lady of the Lake of course, is a "good guy". Her immediate concern will be aiding our small band of heroes. Her second aspect, being the alter ego of Morgan le Fey, will find herself torn between her hatred of her half-brother, and her need to survive the coming apocalypse. Her third aspect is almost entirely single-minded: keeping Merlin out of the fray. We wouldn't want him popping up and solving everyone's problems with magic now, would we?
Nimue will, much like in original Arthurian lore, be both Chance's would-be savior and doom at the same time.

Why did I choose these two characters to open up the chapter? Well, if you haven't noticed yet, the supernatural characters are being used in a primarily expositorial way. Oberon's news for Nimue will be news for us as well. Since so much information is being witheld from Chance, it's the only way we'll find anything out.

I'm also using them to help show that the mythological world has sort of set their past differences aside in light of the fact that humanity and christianity have pushed them to the brink. Ratatosk talks to Inanna who threatens the Fates with a Sumerian lion (Lugal), who just happens to be the lion from Aesop's fable about the field mouse to get (what we presume to be) Excalibur so they can get it to Chance so he can draw it from a stone and use it against Nyarlathotep whose violent disappearance prompts rumors to spread throughout the hidden corners of the world that the once and future king has returned...

I think the thing that scares me sometimes is that all this makes sense to ME in my head.

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tratan said...

It makes sense to me (: Every reference you make is moving, in a way. Even when I'm not familiar with the mythology, it makes me want to research it more.
Any more Norse stuff coming, or is it just the Fates I wonder?