Sunday, July 1, 2007


So, The Path's first crossover is coming! I feel like I should take a polaroid of it and put it in my "Baby's Book of First's". I'm looking foward to it, because it's with two of my favorite webcomics, "Phineus: Magician For Hire" and "The Errant Apprentice". I've got a script ready, just running it by Barry and Kevin to make sure they're cool with it. The basic story is that Phineus, Delores (the mage from "Errant"), and Kat get abducted by an ancient deity(The Great Mother) who's losing her lustre. In order to stay in the game, she starts abducting magic users to siphon their life-force. Kat, Phin, and Delores are among those abducted. So Terry (The Errant Apprentice), Sara (Phin's gun-toting wife), and Chance wind up joining forces to rescue their respective partners. There's also a decent modern version of Innana's descent into the underworld, which I wanted to use in The Path, but there's just no room. Here's the cover (provided they're cool with the story):

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