Monday, June 18, 2007

The Path: Animated "The Paija"

So, I've got a few pages of the "animated" Path comic done and colored. I'm going to wait until I have at least 10 done before I begin posting on DrunkDuck, though. Don't want to get ahead of myself like with "Superhero B-Team, GO!".

The first story is called "The Paija", and is based on a folk tale from the Ihalmiut people of Canada. The Paija is a demon/devil of sorts, that looks like a grotesquely deformed woman. Yeah, we all see grotesque women every day...but this one only has one leg. Oh...and it's growing out of her VAGINA. Yeah, that was what hooked me, too. The Paija hunts men on winter nights and devours them...much like regular women. Just looking at her, though, kills you instantaneously (I KNOW that I read too much. No one needs to remind me.).
The story opens up with Chance and Ratatosk (The two will be the main focus of the "animated" tales, with the rest of the supporting cast showing up occassionally) hunting the Paija down.
The basic premise of The Path: Animated is that it takes place AFTER the events of The Path's current cycle. But, since I have four different endings written for the current cycle, the ending it follows may not be the one you read at the end of The Path. That way, I'm really not spoiling the ending for anyone...AND I get to do all the little side stories I wanted to work on. Everyone wins!

So, here's a peek at the first page:

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