Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Path: 1926 cover preview and the Business End of Things

Here's the in-progress colors from Jeremy "Sloo" Hamilton for the "The Path:1926" Wizard World Philly exclusive cover. Pretty fucking sweet, right? The story's shaping up pretty damn nicely, too...thanks in no small part to my one-woman focus group (who shall remain nameless for security reasons).

So...yeah, I know. Still no updates.

Well, here's the thing: I run the business end of everything too.
Which, annoyingly, isn't as big an end as it used to be since my publisher isn't...well...publishing anything. I love everybody over there to death, but there's been no word on printing in months. To be honest, BT never actually DID anything for me I couldn't/haven't been doing for myself. In fact, it cost me more $$$ to get my own comics for a con through them than if I had stayed self-publishing.
So lately I've been running around getting promo material made up, designs off to various printers, books off to be published, arguments with companies that owe me money, working on bother versions of The Path and The Rioteer and (late) commissions worked on and sent out. It's a lot for one guy to do on top of a regular job and a relationship. I really appreciate everyone's patience.

So I'm falling back on self-publishing again. Because that way, if the book's not coming out, I only have myself to blame. Plus, I have stores waiting for new issues that are going to start dropping me pretty damn soon. I'm not about to let two years of hard work go down the drain.

That's about it for now. Catch you hip cats and kittens later!

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