Friday, September 25, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con, The Path: 1926, and all sorts of other crap.'s everyone doin'?

Next weekend (Oct 2-4) is the FIRST Long Beach Comic Con! BOO_YAH!
Myself, and the best of my Mediocre Militia cronies will be in the artist alley, tables 94-95 doing sketches and whoring out our comics! Stop by and say hi! On Saturday, I'll be attempting an 8hr Comic Book Day in honor of 24hr Comic Book Day! Come see how miserably I fail at trying to complete an entire comic book story in 8 hours!

So, 1926 is underway. For reals. It's pretty cool, except now I have twice the workload and half the motivation thanks to the rest of the outside world encroaching upon my time. I'm doing my best, gang. Two titles to update regularly plus getting stuff ready for convention awesome on top of work and personal matters is a lot. If anyone wants to pay my bills for me, I'll do nothing but update the comics. Hell, if my bills are paid for me, I'll update everything M-F.

Anyone else excited about Left 4 Dead 2? I know I am!

That's it for now, I need to pretend I work around here!


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