Saturday, June 16, 2007

No CBC! Denied!

Yeah, so The Path didn't make into the top 50 in the CBC. To be honest, I'm a little shocked and more than a little bummed about that...especially since I had my pitch all planned and it was AWESOME. I was getting calls/IMs from people who had already gotten "the call" and everyone was all, "So, I'll see you there". Yeah...I'll be one of the spectators.

That's cool, who wants to be successful? Certainly not me. This just means I have more time to work on The Path, The Path: Animated, and the crossover with Phineus: Magicial For Hire and The Errant Apprentice. That'll be a lot of fun because it's my first crossover since the "Enerjak" debacle back when I was doing "Antisocial". You can find the pages from that somewhere in my DeviantArt account. Also, Jerry Ahern of Dark Tale Comics took notice of the first few pages of Superhero B-Team, GO! and we're going to team up to do a short 10-page comic called "Still The Greatest American Hero". Which will, obviously, revolve around the cast of The Greatest American Hero...and a cyborg dinosaur. I've always wanted to draw a cyborg dinosaur. I'm rather excited about that.

Well, I'm off. Just in case you haven't started reading it yet, go check out Atlantis Paradise
by my dear (and mildly disturbing at times) friend EvilTwinPixie. This, I command!

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