Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Path "Animated"

So, in addition to the main storyline of The Path, there are about 80-kagillion other stories that I wanted to use Chance, Kat, and the others for...but they just don't fit in the grand scheme of the story. Side stories that would just be fun to do, fun to draw, and would be easier for brand-new readers to jump on and get interested in The Path's "universe". So, since I'm working nights again and have a little more free time because of that, I've started compiling these stories into a notebook and have labelled them "The Path: Animated".

My plan is to start working on these stories as stand-alone shorts that take place in The Path universe, but outside of continuity. Different art style, a little more action, and little more random. The first one is going to be either something I've wanted to do for a while now, but haven't really had the chance: a crossover. (I'll tell you with whom once I get the final "oks" from the creators I want, but it'll be cool. Think magicians for hire and errant knight apprentices...) Or "The Cutty Black Sow", which is a fun story and would fit in with Chance's lousy luck just perfectly.

Here's a sample of what the art'll look like.

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